Website Tag Audit Platform

Is your digital implementation giving you the correct metrics?

Here is a Faster, Smarter and Affordable way to conduct automated tag audits.

Perform a quick audit of 10 pages on your website to find out.

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What is Falcon?

An intelligent system for website performance monitoring and capturing key metrics with tag audits that help you understand how your website is performing.

With smart tools like Tag Scanner and Scenario Builder - why wait 30 days to audit and correct your implementation, when you can do it now?

The tool is powered by Nabler, a leading digital analytics consulting company in India.

Tag Analysis

Tag Scanner

Get deep insight into the pages that are missing Analytical tools, Marketing Pixels, Tag management and identify the pages causing Duplicate page view and redundant Tags, to improve page performance.

With Tag Scanner, find which Analytical tool plays a vital role in collection, measurement, analysis, visualization and interpretation of digital data, illustrating user behavior on your websites.

Web Page Analysis

Scenario Builder

Scenario Builder is a smart feature in Falcon that lets you automate and schedule your website tag audits. It helps you to make sure the most important conversion paths of your website are always working.

Simple 3 step process : Record, Upload, Run! With the new browser extension Falcon Inspector automate the regular journey tracking throughout your website.