Website Tag Audit Platform

Is your digital implementation giving you the correct metrics? Are you overcounting or undercounting your visitors?

Perform a quick audit of 10 pages on your website to find out.

Scan Results

An intelligent system for website performance monitoring and capturing key metrics with tag audits that help you understand how your website is performing.

Falcon retains a time lapse of the website that can be used as a way back machine to track changes and target key areas for improvement.

The tool is powered by Nabler, a leading digital analytics consulting company in India.

Tag Analysis

Tag Analysis

Explore how managing these small pieces of codes can play such an enormous role in simplifying your business ecosystem.

We can guide you with a well-designed tag management solution to increase marketing agility, data accuracy, better governance, and accelerated performance.

Web Page Analysis

Web Page Analysis

Don’t let a sluggish page download hinder your conversions by altering your customer satisfaction with fewer page downloads.

Let us give you a clear idea of how your page is performing across various components to improve your customer's end-user experience.