Scenario builder

Scenario Builder is an automation tool that interacts with your website like a visitor and validates all the event based tags.
Set-up user journeys with a 3 step process : Record, Select, Run! The new browser extension Falcon Inspector automates creation of scenarios in no time.

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Scenario builder
Tag Analysis

TAG Scanner

Scan thousands of pages at once and get a list of all the pages missing tags, with redirects or errors.

Get deep insight into the pages that are missing Analytical tools, Marketing Pixels, Tag management and identify the pages causing duplicate page view and execution of redundant tags, to improve page performance.

Schedule Scans

In order to take good care of your website, regular scans are of utmost importance. Marking your calendars or set reminders for scanning the website yourself can be chaotic and overwhelming.

By scheduling a scan, monitor your website performance and your tags on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The time between schedules will depend on your unique situation, but monthly and quarterly assessments are common.

Website Performance
Supported Tags

Supported Tags

We Support Digital/Web Analytics, Tag Management Systems and Advertising/Marketing/Re-marketing tags.

Click here to see list of supported tags.

Custom Tags

Are the tags on your website not supported by us yet?

Add customized tags to meet your organization’s specific tag audit needs. We at Falcon, support customized tag creation, edition and deletion exclusively for you . And what’s more? We make it a continuous process by applying it to future scans for an effective audit.


The Falcon dashboard monitors the health of your website(s) and generates reports which summarize into comprehensible analytics. This provides quick visibility into website performance monitoring.

Our Tag Audit reports show which areas of your website are not tagged and need attention. You can now opt for exporting reports in the PDF format for Scan results for each scan once the audit is completed. And also choose to look at the entire report, or at specific aspects, ranging from tag auditing to web performance and automated insights

Audit / Scan